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Clubs Listing for V.A.J.U. inc.

There are many good V.A.J.U. judo clubs in Melbourne and the greater Victorian regions. Please Find them listed below. If a club does not exist in your locality or region, please get in touch with us so we might assist you in finding one.


Shudokan Judo Academy
170 Albert Street
Victoria 3056 AUSTRALIA
Ph: +61 (03) 9383 2244
New Shudokan Website
(w) Old Shudokan Website
(e) info@vaju.org.au

Tori Judo
179 Inkerman St
St Kilda PCYC
179 Inkerman Street
St Kilda
Victoria 3182 AUSTRALIA
(e) jakub@torijudo.com.au
Mobile Ph: 0433323446
Website www.torijudo.com.au
Facebook facebook.com/torijudoaus

Kaizen Martial Arts Judo Academy
Level 1 510 Ballan Road,
Wyndham Vale
Victoria 3024.
Ph: 1300 308 304

Zenyo Judo
Level 1, 96A Hoddle St
Victoria 3065 AUSTRALIA
Contact: Damon Ellis, Mobile Ph: 0402 663 743
email: damon.ell@gmail.com

St Albans Youth Judo Club
Tin Shed 309A Main Road
St. Albans
Victoria 3021 AUSTRALIA
Ph: 9366 4302
St Albans Judo Club website

Idokan Judo
Unit 2/19 Export Rd
Victoria 3084 AUSTRALIA
Mobile Phone: 0403 800 089
Website: www.idokan.com


Budokwai Geelong
3 Victoria Street
Victoria 3220 AUSTRALIA
Ph: Mobile - 0429 338 475

Sang Rok Judo Club
65 Fincher Street
Victoria 3995 AUSTRALIA
Ph: +61 (03) 5672 2981
Mobile Phone: 0417 383 186
Email: sangrokjudo@hotmail.com

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Benefits of Judo

Judo Pic 2Budo can improve mental attitude and social skills.

Judo Pic 1 Judo techniques teach the student good physical skills, including balance, self-awareness and cordination.

Judo Self Defence Self Defence Judo can build practitioners confidence, enabling students to properly ascertain their circumstance, and a possible course of action.